Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007: Elf Thursday

It's Thanksgiving day, 2007. I'm in Enid, Oklahoma. Have you ever been there before? I didn't think so. I haven't been here before either. I'm here this year with my good friends Cameron and Marelize Schaefer and my beautiful wife Sara. I figured it's a perfect time and place to start my blogging endeavors. Cameron actually showed me his blog and I was pretty impressed. His excitement carried over to me and I'm beginning to see the benefits of the blogging community.

We enjoyed a feast of feasts today, and for all of us (because of individual circumstances) it was the first time experiencing Thanksgiving without our parents and family. If you're not with your family on Thanksgiving you better be with some very close friends. We all commented on how we missed our families, but we definitely enjoyed our time together. We played some Madden and Nertz, looked at expensive houses in Enid, watched football and The Office, blogged, experienced great conversation about life, shot guns, played racquetball, and ate until our stomachs were content. I'm sure we will all be with our respective families next year, but this year was a great change of pace. It was also a confirmation that we are all capable and responsible adults who pulled off a great Thanksgiving without our parents. Does that mean we want to do it next year? Probably not! However, for this year we wouldn't do it any different.

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to view how much fun we had on Elf Thursday!


Sara Martin said...

Your blog is awesome. I love the layout and the way it's set up. Your comments on Thanksgiving were right on...I can really relate. You seem like an amazing guy and your wife is very lucky!

Respectfully Yours,
Sara Martin

ps. I love you!

Cameron Schaefer said...

What is up bro! I think the Thanksgiving post is awesome, good memories building empires. Come check out my new comments platform, intense debate. I think you'll like it. Excited for your next post!

Cameron Schaefer said...

James, after watching my elf self dance around for the 787th time I decided you need to write a new post. Maybe one about midgets if you want to stay on theme.

Cameron Schaefer said...

Happy Happy New Year!!! Hope you have a great night. Love you bro!