Sunday, March 1, 2009


I have had a great few weeks filled with reminders of the life I live and the friends I have been blessed with.  The support group that has been formed around my wife and I is truly appreciated.  The different avenues in which those relationships play out are unique and special in their own way.

A couple of Thursday's ago my wife and I shared an amazing night of Bible Study with two other couples.  Looking at Philippians and using the Observation, Interpretation, and Application model of studying the Bible has been awesome.  We get 6 different and valuable views of the scripture in those three different areas.

The day before that we were at the new hospital visiting good friends who's little boy was there being treated for phenomena.  Knowing that they will be moving soon, it was good to spend some quality time with them and cherish those moments of living life with them as they won't always be located close.

These past few weeks I have had priceless dialogues with three young men I have had the privilege to mentor.  Talking about real issues, dreams, and goals and how faith plays an essential role in each.  I've been blessed from mentors as well these past few weeks sharing their wisdom, lives and insight with me.  Whether an Outback dinner, Ted's Montana Grill lunch or Summit House coffee.

A week ago Saturday, my wife and I went out with a couple we have greatly enjoyed hanging out with.  They shared their knowledge about photography encouraging Sara in her pursuits and gifts in the vocation.  They also shared their hearts about the ministry they are pursing and what that looks like to them including the excitement and fears that go along with it.  They too will be leaving in the near future for Cambodia and will be greatly missed.

I ran 8 miles with the best man in my wedding last Wednesday.  We are training for a marathon together.  We talked about politics, theology, parenting, jobs, changing the lives of others through fundamental Godly principles and renewing of the mind.  We prayed for each other and talked about the book of Samuel and how important and influential we are in the first 10 years of our children's lives.

Last Thursday another special friend and pastor helped and supported my wife and I in trying to find and reestablish an old cherished friendship that has been lost due to life's paths and lives going in different directions.  The key to it all being good memories, intentionality, and the value of that relationship!

My wife (who is my best friend without a doubt) and I went to Denver on Saturday to finalize the decisions on our new house.  Driving up we had great conversation about the season of life we have just come out of and the one we are about to enter.  My heart was filled with gratefulness both for her and for what the Lord has done and is doing in both of us.  That night I spent with my oldest sister talking about our lives and family and where we have been and where we are going.  She has become a special friend in the past few years as well.

Tonight I went to a movie with another great friend.  While not connecting much more than a couple of laughs at the few funny lines in the midst of a high action packed movie, we shared meaningful conversation on the way home about simply being there for each other.

With all this said, I feel completely blessed.  I encourage whoever reads this to take a close look at your friendships and be reminded that those relationships are truly a gift from God.  If there is a lack of friendships, ask God to show you and open doors to new relationships.  Be open to getting out of your comfort zone and ask that person who sparks your interest to go to lunch or coffee.  Be alert and be ready, as you may encounter what I call a "divine appointment" at any moment.  I truly believe God puts people in our lives in a timely fashion for specific purposes.  Don't be afraid to dig in, be honest, and share your life with those who God has put in your life!

I am grateful!


Wes said...

James... are grateful

...and I am thankful for you and Sara

...what a sacred privilege to journey with you into your future that is only limited by all that God is

...prayers continuing

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